Tried, Trusted, Certified

Smart PPC are certified Google and Bing Partners. This means that we adhere to all rules, ethics and codes of conduct when we manage your pay per click campaigns. This also means we have in-depth understanding of PPC marketing.

Why you should choose Smart PPC as your online advertising partner

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£3 million+ managed in 2018

Our customers have trusted us with huge amounts of advertising budget in 2016

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90% Customer Retention Rate

We have retained 90% of our customers since we were established in 2012. This is testament to the amazing results we deliver for them

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3 Million Leads Generated

We have generated nearly 3 million leads for our PPC customers

Our PPC management services packs a serious punch!

Over 7 Million Clicks Generated

3.11 Million Leads Generated

682 Million Ad Impressions

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 Our unrivalled pay per click management service produces amazing results, here’s what you can expect as standard

  • Quality Over Quantity….Every Time

We focus on bringing traffic to your website from users with the right intentions (looking to buy) rather than swamping your website with meaningless traffic.


  • Flat Rate Fees

Unlike many other agencies, we don’t charge a percentage of what you spend on advertising, simply a flat fee for our services.


  • Conversions over Clicks

We don’t optimise for clicks, we optimise for conversions




  • Competitor Analysis

We can provide detailed analysis of your competitors PPC campaigns so you can stay one step ahead of them.


  • Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

We focus heavily on getting the most of every click we generate using CRO. The more conversions you can yield from your campaigns, the better your return on investment will be.


  • Complete Ownership

We manage your PPC campaign within your own account, so it’s always yours and you can access 24/7




To discuss any aspect of PPC marketing or some free, impartial advice, call an expert on:

01244 955488

Email us with your questions or queries and we’ll reply back within 24 hours.

Free Account Review & Audit

If you are already using ad words and you would like some expert advice on improving the performance, reducing the cost and increasing the effectiveness and cost efficiency of your campaign, then a free account review and audit would go long way to achieving that. We will provide you with an in depth report on improvements you could make such as using negative keywords (to reduce wasted clicks and budget), using more ad groups (to improve quality scores which reduce you click costs) or landing page improvements (which will turn more clicks in to sales). At this point you can take the report and put the changes we recommend in place yourself. We can of course manage and optimsie your campaigns on an on-going basis.


Account Set Up

The key to a successful Google adwords campaign is the campaign set up, after all you wouldn’t build a house on sand would you? From sourcing the best keywords that are most likely to generate leads and sales to writing compelling text ads and setting bidding levels, we will ensure your campaign is ready to hit the ground running.

Monitoring & Optimisation

Once your campaign is up and running, we will perform daily checks on the performance of the campaign, this includes click through rates, conversion rates of landing pages, ad groups and of course, the cost of your clicks. Because we optimise your campaign on a daily basis, we guarantee that you will see gradual improvements throughout the life of your campaign. In other words, we will never stop saving you money!

Transparent Reporting

We are really good at running ad words campaigns, and we love shouting about it, so on a daily basis we provide you with customised reports on your pay per click marketing. We can provide you with whatever information you want, such as costs of clicks, amount of daily budget spent, costs per conversion or lead.

Regular Consultations

This is an area often overlooked by most other providers. We however believe that this is a crucial element to a successful online marketing partnership. Our customers benefit hugely from face to face meetings because it gives them the opportunity to discuss their requirements for the campaign and to learn how to leverage Google to benefit their business. We too find the meetings invaluable because the more we understand about a clients business, the better we can run their campaigns.

To discuss any aspect of PPC marketing or some free, impartial advice, call an expert on:

01244 955488

Email us with your questions or queries and we’ll reply back within 24 hours.