Having your PPC accounts audited by one of our experts will guarantee better results.


We have audited countless PPC campaigns and we have never found one where we haven’t made improvements which have meant better performance or reduced costs. Here is a look at the key areas of PPC that our audit looks at;

Negative Keyword Use

A well as choosing keywords you want to target, you should be selecting keywords that don’t want clicks for. This is the biggest contributor to wasted budget that we see in PPC campaigns. We will look at what negative keywords you use and how you use them and give you guidance and advice on how to reduce waste and improve performance.

Account Activity

We will look at how much activity is carried out on your account on a daily basis on things such as bid adjustments, keyword matching etc. The more time you spend optimising and managing your account, the more successful it will be.

Quality Score

This is the single most important factor in succeeding at PPC. Quality score determines what position your ad is placed (position 1-10) and how much you pay for clicks. Improving quality score by just 1 point can drastically improve both.

Landing Pages

Using landing pages or the most relevant page of your website to the keyword used is critical to how well your campaigns perform. We will look at the best way for you to use landing pages so you get the very most out of PPC marketing.

Keyword Match Types

Are you using broad match, exact match and phrase match keywords in the right way? More often than not, the only match type that is used is broad which can cause  wasted clicks and inflated click costs. We will give you expert guidance on which match type to use and where to use them.

Tips & Tricks

Over the years we have developed some killer techniques for improving performance, reducing costs and tracking results. We will share some of our best tips and tricks with you to help you better manage your campaigns in the future.

You can save money and improve performance with some expert help

We can give you insights and guidance on improving the performance of your pay per click campaigns The advice we can provide from the audit can have positive effect on advert positioning, click through rate and conversion rates, all of which greatly effect the cost your leads and your overall return on investment

The audit report is completely free and there are absolutely no strings attached and no obligation to use our services afterwards.


To request an audit, simply fill out the form with as much detail as you can and we will do the rest.

On some occasions one of our audit team will contact you for further information to assist them with the audit

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